The Closing Hole at Augusta National

18th Hole Augusta National Golf Club

The narrow chute on the 18th hole

This was another shot I couldn’t wait to see live and in person. Was the 18th as narrow as it appeared to be on television? The tee shot on 18 is another one of those that the pros make look easy, but has to be terrifying to play if you’re in contention on Sunday. Not only is the fairway extremely narrow and uphill, right-handed golfer either has to hit a fade off the tee or be extremely precise, playing to that little sliver of fairway you see on the right. When you see it in person it becomes clear why it’s one of the best finishing holes in major championship golf.

I hope everyone has enjoyed Masters Week here at Digital Fairways. I know I’m as excited as ever for the tournament in April. If you missed earlier posts you can start back at Monday’s look at the 7th hole here.

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