The 7th Hole at Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta National Golf Club 7th Hole

The uphill 2nd shot on the 7th hole at Augusta National Golf Club

This week I thought I’d do something a little different here at Digital Fairways. Instead of showing daily random course photos that I’ve taken, this week I’ll show you around Augusta National and some of its more terrifying shots. All of these photographs were taken during a practice round when you’re lucky enough to be able to take a camera onto the grounds. Don’t even think about a phone, or wearing your hat backward, but cameras are okay.

Today’s photograph is of the par 4 7th hole. During the tournament, it plays about 450 yards and while short by tour standards, is rather intimidating due to the narrow fairway. The second shot is no picnic either, playing uphill to a green almost entirely surrounded by bunkers. Like many of those I’ll show you this week, it’s a classic “trust your yardage” and make a good swing type of shot. And hopefully the wind isn’t swirling. 🙂

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