The 18th Hole at Muirfield Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio

Muirfield Village Golf Club – Dublin, Ohio

Being a golf nerd, I tend to notice little things about golf courses. Or put better, I tend to notice similarities between golf courses. One thing that has always struck me about Muirfield Village is its similarities to Augusta National. I’m not sure if it’s by accident or not but there are some definite hints of Augusta on the back nine of Muirfield Village.

Hole #12

Augusta – Short Par 3 with a narrow green with creek in front, bunkers front and back, no bail out to be found.

MV – Pretty much the same although slightly longer and downhill.

Hole #15

Augusta – 530 yard Par 5, fronted by water, a prime birdie opportunity for the big hitter.

MV – 529 yard Par 5, fronted by creek/gully, a prime birdie opportunity for the big hitter. I will say that this is a MUCH more forgiving hole than Augusta.

Hole #16

Augusta – Average length par 3, water tee to green, long/right of green is dead (unless of course you’re Tiger Woods pulling a shot like this.)

MV – Long par 3, water tee to green, long/right of green is dead. Long is usually dead, again, unless you’re Tiger Woods. Note, the water was added in 2012.

Hole #18

Augusta – Long, uphill, left to right par 4

MV – Long, uphill, left to right par 4

None of this is to imply that Jack was trying to create an “Augusta North.” in Dublin. I’ve picked four holes off of an 18 hole golf course. It’s just always struck me as interesting; the similarities of those particular holes. It could also be said that this loose comparison I’ve made highlights one of the (gasp) flaws of Augusta National; the lack of a short, delicate par 4 on the back nine. The 14th at Muirfield is an outstanding short hole that really has no comparison at Augusta.

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