Falcon Ridge Golf Course Review – Mesquite, Nevada

Falcon Ridge is an 18 hole golf course located in the heart of Mesquite, Nevada. Like many of the golf courses in Mesquite, the views are fantastic. But views aside, is it worth a visit if you’re in town to play Wolf Creek? Read on to find out.

Practice Facilities – B-

Unfortunately, this is an area where Falcon Ridge is a notch below the other courses in town. There is no chipping area that I could locate, and the putting green is ample, but a bit small. There is also no practice range. Thankfully there are nets in which to hit. They’re not a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing. It’s hard to blame the owners of the course for the lack of practice facilities though. While some courses seem to be built with land to spare, Falcon Ridge is set in the middle of town where land would appear to be at a premium.

15th hole Falcon Ridge Golf Course

The uphill 15th hole

Course Conditions – A-

If the practice facilities are a bit lacking at Falcon Ridge, the course begins to make up for it once you begin your round. The day I played the tee boxes and fairways were in excellent shape. It was hard to find fault with any of them. The greens, unfortunately, were a little ragged in spots. Nothing that would ruin the round, but it was evident that some of the greens were either under repair or had issues that were causing inconsistencies in speed. Minor issues with the greens aside, conditions were excellent. The bunkers had ample sand, the rough was consistent, and the fairways were lush.

5th Hole Falcon Ridge Golf Course

The 5th at Falcon Ridge

Layout – B

Ask six golfers who have played Falcon Ridge about the layout and you’ll get six different answers. There are, however, a couple of universal truths about the course:

  1. The views are fantastic. Even those who don’t love the course still appreciate the views it offers. Hopefully the photos illustrate this point well enough.
  2. The course winds through different housing communities, so if you don’t like houses around your golf course, you’re probably going to dislike Falcon Ridge.

What I love about the layout at Falcon Ridge is the diversity of holes. There are short holes that demand accuracy off the tee. There are long holes where you can bomb it. There’s also a good mixture of uphill and downhill shots. It’s a fun course to play.

Why does the course only get a “B” grade then? I downgraded the layout for two main reasons:

  1. As previously mentioned, the course plays through quite a bit of housing. That in itself isn’t a problem, but there are quite a few long hikes between holes, and often it feels like each hole is completely separate from the rest of the course. In my review of Cruden Bay, I wrote about the genius in its routing. I described how it felt like a cohesive journey through the dunes. Falcon Ridge is, unfortunately, the opposite. It feels as if each hole was plopped down where there was land to build it, then you hop in your golf cart and drive to the next one. I realize this is no fault of the designer, but it’s the reality of building a golf course amongst housing developments.
  2. Possibly due to land constraints, there are a few of what I’d call “quirky” holes on the course. These are the holes that you can’t hit driver off the tee because if you do you’ll end up through the fairway or worse. Even though I appreciate a short, delicate hole as much as anyone, when it’s not evident from the tee what you’re supposed to do it makes it extremely challenging to play the hole. I’ll probably enjoy some of these holes more the second time I play it, but for a first-time player, it’s a crapshoot.
10th Hole Falcon Ridge

The par 5 10th hole

Value – A-

Falcon Ridge is a bit cheaper than other tracks in town but not significantly so. From my experience, the cheapest way to play the course is to keep an eye on teeoff.com for deals. While their prime time, in-season rates max out at $120 (as of 2016), there are deals to be had for half that (or less) if you shop around a bit.

18th Hole Falcon Ridge Golf Course

A view up the 18th fairway

19th Hole and Clubhouse – B+

If you appreciate a good view with a cold beer after your round, you’ll like the 19th hole at Falcon Ridge. The facility, named “Scotty’s Bar and Grill”, is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the scenery. It’s also a good place to catch a game as their TV’s are outstanding.

The biggest downside to the clubhouse is the lack of facilities. There are no locker rooms or even a place to change one’s shoes. The clubhouse only features the 19th hole and pro shop. It’s not a major issue, just know you won’t be able to shower or change clothes after your round very easily.

Amenities aside, the best part of the clubhouse at Falcon Ridge is the employees. They are some of the nicest people I’ve spoken with in Mesquite, and everyone is made to feel welcome.

18th hole Falcon Ridge Golf Course

Looking back on the 18th green and fairway

Overall – B+

Minor gripes aside, I’m a big fan of the golf course at Falcon Ridge. My biggest question about a course is generally “is it fun to play?”. And with Falcon Ridge, the answer is an emphatic yes.


  • Lack of facilities:  driving range, locker room, chipping area
  • GPS or Stroke Saver guides would be a welcome addition to the golf carts


  • Beautiful course conditions
  • Friendly staff in the pro shop and on the course.
  • Great variety of holes.


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