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The Ledges Golf Club Review – St. George, Utah

The Ledges is an 18 hole golf facility in St. George, Utah, just across from Snow Canyon State Park, some of the most beautiful land you’ll see. Is the golf course up to snuff? Do the conditions of the course match the gorgeous surrounding scenery? Read on to find out.

8th Hole The Ledges Golf Club
A photo from the relatively innocuous front nine.

Practice Facilities – A

The Ledges features just about everything you’d want in a practice area; grass tees, new Titleist balls to hit, target greens, and a short game area. There is also a full Golf Academy building featuring indoor hitting bays for lessons. While I wasn’t able to go inside to investigate further, it looks quite nice from the outside.

My deciding factor for the quality of practice areas is simple; is it nice enough that I’d come back just to practice? The answer at The Ledges is an emphatic “yes.” If you’re serious about your warm up and practice, The Ledges will make you happy.

Course Conditions – A

The course conditions at The Ledges are also immaculate. The fairways and greens were nearly flawless, every tee box was immaculate, and all the bunkers were raked. The fairways were so closely-mown that it was sometimes hard to pick grass to test the wind. I’d love to find fault with anything regarding the course conditions, but I honestly can’t remember any issues.

Layout – B

Much like I discussed in my review of Sand Hollow up the road, at The Ledges, it’s a tale of two nines. By that I mean that the front nine is fairly mundane; at least in comparison to the back. The front plays over relatively flat land and is a bit spread out. It winds through the area surrounding the clubhouse and practice facilities. While the layout of the front might be a little average, the severe undulations in the greens due help to spruce things up a bit. To clarify, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the front, you just won’t go home and tell your buddies about it.

12th Hole The Ledges
Things really start to get interesting on the 12th


Where the golf course gets really interesting is the back nine; specifically hole number 12. This is where you find yourself in the middle of red rock country, right in the heart of some of the most gorgeous inland scenery you’ll find on a golf course. So how was the actual layout of the back nine? It’s a bit hard to remember because the views are so incredible. It’s one of those spots that if you play it and don’t enjoy yourself, you need to find another game to play. Just thinking about some of the sights on the back gives me goosebumps.

14th Hole The Ledges Golf Club
The views just keep going…


Value – A

I played the course in January of 2016 and paid $40 for a twilight round. Considering the quality of the facilities, it’s one of the better values you’ll find anywhere. If one wanted to nitpick, one might downgrade the value grade here because The Ledges doesn’t appear to show up with any discount times on any of the major golf websites. At $40 for twilight though, it’s hard to complain too much.

15th Hole The Ledges Golf Club
Looking back on the 15th Hole


19th Hole and Clubhouse – A

The only negative that I could find with the clubhouse was the lack of a dedicated locker room. The restrooms are huge, and there are places to hang one’s clothes, but there isn’t a traditional locker room. It’s a minor issue but worth knowing if you expect to shower after your round.

Fortunately, the lack of a locker room is the only knock you can find with the clubhouse at The Ledges. The pro shop is large and well-stocked. There is a very nice 19th hole lounge if you just want to relax after the round. If you’re looking for an upscale meal the Fish Rock Grille is also available. And all these spots are staffed by extremely nice employees, not the kind that makes one feel like you’re interrupting them by ordering food or beverages.

As beautiful as the clubhouse, pro shop, and dining facilities are, however, where The Ledges stands out from the pack is the hot dog they serve. Those outside of the U.S. might laugh at the relative importance I place on the low-grade sandwich option that is a hot dog. For me, though, I enjoy a hot dog at the turn; always have, always will. Most of the hot dogs you’ll find on a golf course are average to below. They’re either kept on rollers or stored in a steamer to keep warm; not the most appetizing way to preserve a snack.

At The Ledges, I’ve found a new leader in the clubhouse for best hot dog at the turn. It’s perfectly char-grilled, thick, and juicy. I really can’t say enough about this hot dog without sounding any more ridiculous than I already do. I loved the golf course, particularly the back nine, but I am most looking forward to eating another hot dog here. Please don’t judge me.

15th Green The Ledges
Looking at the 15th green from down below


Overall Grade – A

In case I haven’t made it clear enough, The Ledges is a fantastic experience from start to finish. It features friendly employees, great practice facilities, and an immaculate golf course. It’s hard to ask for more for your money.

Birdies (or little things the course does right)

  • GPS on all the carts
  • Prisms in the flag sticks for those of us who use lasers
  • New Titleists on the practice range

Bogies (or room for improvement)

  • The front nine is a little average when compared to the back.
  • The lack of a dedicated locker room might be a disappointment to some.

Sand Hollow Review – Championship Course

There are a handful of golf courses that get an unequivocal “play it under any circumstances” recommendation from me. Pacific Dunes comes to mind. There are other courses that are fantastic but are (in my opinion) too hard for 90% of golfers. Oakmont and Whistling Straits fall into this category. Sand Hollow, happily, falls into the former category. If you ever have the opportunity to play it, do not hesitate, just say yes and reserve your tee time. It is a wonderful track. The views on the back nine are so sublime that I told my wife next time she should just ride along in the cart and enjoy it. As for the details and why you should play it read on for the rest of my review.

Price Paid – $45 via

Full Price – $125 if booked directly through the golf course

A fairway bunker on the 9th hole at the Sand Hollow Golf Resort

Practice Area – A

Much like the course itself, the practice facilities at Sand Hollow are great. Not only is there a full driving range with target greens, short game area, and putting green, they have what they call their “Wee Course.” The Wee Course is a chip, pitch, and putt par 3 course with holes ranging from 50-120 yards. Not only is it fun to play it gives you a good feel for the type of shots (a lot of bump and run) necessary to score well on the Championship Course. If I lived close by I’d be spending a lot of time here.

Course Conditions – B+

The front nine in particular at Sand Hollow has a very linksy feel to it. By that I mean it plays very firm and fast. The roll you’ll get with the firm fairways, coupled with the elevation, means the course plays much shorter than the yardage would indicate. For perspective, I’m an average-length driver (225-250 off the tee under normal conditions) and the whites at 6500 were almost too short.

This isn’t to say that the course is burnt-out or subpar in any way. It just means that it’s not the soft, lush, and green parkland-style course that many are used to. If you’ve ever played any traditional links course, you’ll know what I mean. That being said almost all the greens, tee boxes, bunkers, etc. were in great shape.

The 10th green at Sand Hollow Golf Resort

Layout – A

Most of the reviews and general commentary on Sand Hollow revolve around the front nine being rather average and the back nine being out of this world. I disagree with this slightly.

The front at Sand Hollow doesn’t have the same views as the back. To be fair, pretty much every direction you look in this part of the country is gorgeous. The difference with Sand Hollow is that on the front nine, you’re not playing over any ridges where you can see for miles. The front is just a superb layout without the need for any wow factor.

The first hole at first glance appears rather mundane;  an extremely wide fairway, a green so large you could fit a small village on it, and downhill to boot. Once you play it, you realize that to score well it needs to be played rather precisely. A drive down the right side of the fairway leaves a downhill approach, a firm green running away from you, and a carry over a bunker. A drive down the left side leaves a level, unencumbered approach. It’s the classic “easy bogey, difficult par” type of design. I could go on and on but in a nutshell, think the front is severely underrated.

The fireworks on the back nine start with the par 3 11th hole. The hole itself isn’t particularly demanding however once you get to the green and look over the ridge behind it you’ll see why everyone raves about Sand Hollow. Here you can see for miles. You’ll see mountains, red rocks, and simply some of the most stunning views you’ll see anywhere in the world. The next five holes play along a ridge where on every tee box you’ll stand there and be thankful you’re alive and decided to learn to play golf. I said at the time the views were the best I’ve ever seen on a golf course. I’ve never played Pebble Beach, so I can’t compare it to that. Pacific (and Bandon for that matter) are also spectacular, but those are ocean views. If I had to pick which is more beautiful, I’m not sure I could do it. Mountain or Ocean views? I suppose it’s a personal preference thing but any course that’s in the same conversation with Pacific Dunes should be a must-play for any golfer.

A view from the 11th green at Sand Hollow Resort

Pace of Play – A

The day I played this winter was a beautiful, 75-degree day and play moved along fabulously. I suppose in the heart of the season things might get backed up but when I was there things were perfect. Our threesome played our round in just under four hours and were never pushed or held back.

The 12th fairway on Sand Hollow Golf Resort

Amenities – B

The clubhouse at Sand Hollow is very nice if not basic. There are the usual shirts, hats, and the necessary supplies for a round of golf. It’s perfectly fine, but I’ve seen larger and more luxurious. As far as I could tell there are no locker room facilities. Aside from that the course has all the typical amenities; bathrooms on the course, cart service, etc. The off-course highlight is the superb 19th hole. Here you’ll sit and watch the 9th and 18th greens from a deck high above as the sun goes down (at least for our afternoon round). It’s the perfect end to a perfect day of golf.

Overall – A

Like I said earlier, if you are ever given the opportunity to play Sand Hollow, do not pause, just say yes without hesitation. It’s superb on every possible level. I cannot wait to go back.

The 15th hole at Sand Hollow Golf Resort

A gallery with full-size images from the course can be found here.