Augusta National Golf Club


3rd hole Augusta National Golf Club

Flowering Peach – The third hole at Augusta

The third hole at the Augusta National Golf Club is also known as “Flowing Peach”. Like every other hole on this course, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

One of the advantages of attending a practice round at The Masters is the ability to take one’s camera. I took this shot when I won the lottery for tickets a couple years back. And while cameras are allowed on those days, be sure the brim on your hat is still faced forward. Usually when I’m out shooting I turn my hat around backwards to prevent the brim from getting in the way. This is a big no-no while attending The Masters and I was promptly told as much by one of the marshals.

Hopefully, some day I’ll make it back to Augusta to play the course and get some additional photos then. Until then, I’m pretty happy to have been on the property at all.

Speaking of exclusive properties, I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but there is something about Augusta National that reminds me of Muirfield. I’m not sure if it’s the exclusivity of the membership, the history surrounding the course, or how simple yet perfect everything on the property appears to be. Of course, the two golf courses couldn’t be more different; Muirfield has some of the nastiest rough on the planet, Augusta has little to no rough to speak of. I think it’s simply the fact that while both courses lack the glitz and the glam of many of the modern courses, they more than make up for it in the quality of golf.

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