Augusta National 15th Hole

15th Hole Augusta National

The approach to the 15th at Augusta National

One of the first things people ask me when I tell them I’ve been to Augusta National Golf Club is “What about the course surprised you the most after watching it on television all these years?” For me, it’s probably the approach to the par 5 15th hole.

After watching The Masters all these years, one would assume that the 15th is a relatively easy hole. We all watch pros routinely go for the green in two. We’re often surprised when they don’t go for it. What television doesn’t properly show, however, is how challenging that second shot truly is. Standing at the top of the hill, the golfer is looking at a green with water both short and long. And while the green looks really large on television, standing on the top of the hill it looks like an island. And it might seem like the safe play is to lay up, but that results in a delicate, downhill pitch where a shot with too much spin ends up rolling off the front. The 15th is a classic example of a hole that the pros make it look easy but is far from it in reality.

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