Amen Corner at Augusta National

Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Club

The best seat in golf?

During an earlier post, I discussed sitting at the 16th hole at Augusta and how much I enjoyed it for a number of different reasons. The shot above, if it wasn’t abundantly clear already, is of the 11th and 12th holes at Augusta National Golf Club, also known as “Amen Corner.” The photograph above was taken during a practice round from one of the spectator…err, patron areas. Much like the 16th hole, if you get the right spot, like the one above, you can see all the drama unfold on two holes at once.

Allow me to get on my soap box for a quick moment…

Speaking of golf courses with famous stretches of holes, I think that if I watch one more golf tournament and hear one more stretch of golf holes given a clever name, I am going to hurl my remote at the television. No offense to the “Bear Trap” or “Green Mile”, but I kinda feel like a course needs to have hosted a major, or at least been a part of a couple major events before it gets to name a stretch of holes.

In case you’re wondering how Amen Corner got its name, here’s an excellent article on the subject.

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