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Jason L. Thompson is a professional photographer and writer. Within the photography community, he is renowned for his ability to capture the majesty of wide landscapes, containing a remarkable amount of detail within a single, captivating frame. He specializes in golf and travel photography, traveling around the world extensively in order to shoot golf courses, among other international hot spots. His work is used primarily for marketing media, but he has also been featured in books and other publications, with one photo appearing in the book The 50 Greatest Players in New England Patriots Football History.

As a writer, Jason is particularly interested in writing about the complete golf travel experience. He is meticulous in his research methods, seeking to communicate both the definite character and his own personal tastes in every piece that he puts together.Recognized for his dual abilities to capture scenes in words and to speak through his photography, Jason is an accomplished artist whose main passion in life is golf. He has a broad and rich knowledge of the game, its history, its complexities, its current form, and he applies that knowledge any time that he has the opportunity.  He is devoted to what he does and determined to put out a body of golf-related writing and photos that will both draw attention and spark conversation that would otherwise have gone unspoken.

Formerly a bond trader, Jason is now seeking out more commercial work with his writing and his photography so that he can continue to develop new techniques and produce work that is worthy of viewing and preservation. His portfolio is located at JLTPhotos.com, where he also sells prints of his work.

When he is not busy with his work, Jason enjoys outdoor cooking and watching quality tv shows and movies. When not traveling, he lives in East Liverpool, Ohio with his wife, mother in law, and two cats.

If you are interested in bringing Jason in to shoot your golf course or resort please contact him using the form below.

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