16th Hole at Augusta National

16th hole Augusta National Golf Club

In spite of appearance, that’s actual grass, not carpet at Augusta National

Another neat thing about attending a practice round at The Masters, besides being able to take your camera, is what the golfers do on the 16th hole. After the players hit their regular tee shots, they’ll follow that up by attempting to skip a ball across the water on the 16th hole. I’m amazed that these guys can do that on command. I’ve never tried on any golf course, mainly because I’m too frugal to potentially lose a golf ball that way.

Pro Tip for Attending the Masters

If you’re lucky enough to attend The Masters, after you’ve wandered the entire course, I highly recommend staking out a seat in the bleachers that line the pond on 16 (to the left of the photo above). Not only do you get to see the approaches on the 15th that I mentioned yesterday, you obviously see the all the play on 16. It’s a perfect spot to see a lot of golf at a pivotal point in the round and the atmosphere is as intense as you’ll find in golf.

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